Lodge Last…

 I am endeavoring with the help of the Brethren of Potunk Lodge to complete my list of Past Masters. I suppose I can sit down and go through the minute books to find the gaps in my list, but I was informed that it would be difficult at best. Is anything that is worth doing not difficult? At some point I would like to digitize the minute books as well so they can be preserved. However I come across the missing names is not important, what is important is that the list be completed. The more I learn about Freemasonry the more I realize that these men should be remembered.
I have had discussions with another brother about scanning all the images on our Past Masters wall and correcting any mistakes in dates and re-ordering the pictures. I began to think a fitting remembrance would be to create a photo slide show of these past lodge Masters with an appropriate musical selection. I will do my best to keep the memories of these brethren and to honor them all both living and those who have laid down their working tools of life.
I have been working on a special presentation for the brethren on our next communication. I really hope we have a decent turn out, with the weather getting warmer I believe we may. I thing the brethren present will be pleasantly surprised with what I have in store for them. If all works out it should be a rather fun and interesting evening.
So next week it will be off to the Grand Lecturer’s Convention and the MAGLA competition, of which yours truly will be a participant. I know the work, but I am not sure how well I will present it. I am no actor. Although I did have a co-starring role in an elementary school play called “Cowboy on the Moon”. One of my mother’s neighbors has a daughter that I went through school with and was in the same class when I “performed” and keeps threatening to make me watch the video. To be honest I didn’t think video cameras we even around yet, but that shows my age. Well until the next event…


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