Suffolk District Grand Lecturer’s Convention

Attending the Grand Lecturer’s Convention last Saturday was a first for me. In attendance was the Grand Lecturer, R:.W:. Charles Toombs. I have to tell you that I was impressed by the RW Grand Lecture’s demeanor and knowledge. I suppose I should not be surprised as one does not reach that position lacking these things. I was also very pleased to see that the convention was very well attended. Only being a Mason for just over a year, that is the most Freemasons I have seen in one place. The work of the evening was done with few mistakes and I learned a great deal.
Learning about the ritual is fascinating to me not in the words themselves but in the nuances of how it’s done. I couldn’t help but wonder what it would have been like to sit in at the birth of the Premier Grand Lodge of London and Westminster. Another first was visiting Old Towne Lodge in Southampton. This is a truly fantastic lodge building. The lodge room is large and spacious and has grandeur about it. The collation space downstairs was nice as well. The Brethren of Old Towne Lodge lived up to their reputation of being gracious and generous hosts, I mean the food was incredible and I don’t think there was an unloosened belt after dinner.
I had also thrown my hat in the ring with regard to the district MAGLA competition. For those who are not familiar with this, it is the Metropolitan Area Grand Lecturer’s Association. Brothers who have not attained the position of Master are eligible to ‘compete’. The AGL’s for the district choose a part of the work, i.e. a section of the middle chamber lecture, etc. and at the end of the convention several Brethren will be called into the lodge one by one to deliver that portion of the work. There are several ‘judges’ who will pick the best to represent the district in the same competition at Grand Lodge in April. I must tell you dear reader, yours truly did not win. The honor went to Bro. Gary Gudzick of Suffolk Lodge # 60 and my sincere congratulations go out to him. At the time V:. W:. Glenn Rubin also asked me to be Bro Gary’s ‘second’ in case he could not attend the Grand Lodge event, and this is enough of an honor for me. I did give it my best shot and I hope to improve in my ritual delivery and who knows, maybe I will throw my hat in again next year. I really enjoyed this event, butterflies and all. I am in no way a great public speaker but I know of no other way to become one. It is my opinion that all members of the craft who occupy officer’s chairs in a lodge should try to improve their public speaking skills. This would make for better ritual and a more exciting ‘average’ lodge event.
Tonight’s program has something special in it. I hope to present a fun and exciting ‘lecture’ to the Brethren present in lodge tonight. Of course this is another way one can get the public speaking experience that is oh so important. I really hope those who attend tonight’s communication enjoy the presentation and if you are reading this and wonder if I should get dressed and attend lodge, you should! All I can say at this writing is it will be best with full member participation, the more the merrier. Hope to see you there.
The Potunk Lodge Webmaster
Ex Tenebris Lux


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