End of another season…well almost

The end of another Masonic season is almost to an end. It seems that the years and in this case the seasons go by more quickly each time around.

As the Sr. Warden this year I have gotten to gain a lot of experiences, some I wanted, some I did not. But I guess experience is experience, no matter how small.

I have been busy forming my plans to take over the world.. err I mean to run the Lodge next year as WM (provided I am elected that is). It always fascinates me the dynamics of any group that I may be a part of formally or informally. The belief in oneself in one’s own abilities can make or the difference, for better or for worse. My determination to make some small improvement in my Lodge and in Freemasonry as a whole is tempered by the fact that trying to make another person, much less 20, 40 or 100 others believe the same thing or even go in the same direction is a daunting task.

So I will pacify myself with the thought of old honest Abe “you can please some of the people some of the time most of the people most of the time but you can please all of the people all of the time?”

What I hope to accomplish is simple.

1) Pride in Freemasonry. Are we making Masons for the sake of Freemasonry or for more dues paying members? The answer in my mind must be we make Masons to better Freemasonry. The more minds that can come together in harmony for a common good or purpose, the better. This extends to the how the members take the ritual as well. It should be something that members want to experience but not a joke. The ritual should be taken seriously and although it can be fun, never taken lightly or slovenly. Demanding excellence from Jr. officers is not a bad thing.

2) Pride in the Lodge. I believe the way members think of their Lodge is directly connected to its appearance, in and out. of course there are some things I would like to do that are beyond the funds of the Lodge for years to come. This is a good reason to speak with the officers that are coming up the line behind you. To voice your ideas and see that if viable and most agree would be a good thing that those “long range’ plans proceed long after I am no longer in the East. Like pieces of a puzzle that we as a group are slowly assembling. Not doing it on the cheap or as a patch to cover some fault. I was always told if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing right.

3) Educating those that want to be educated. I realize that one can lead a horse to water, but one cannot make him drink, but sometimes just finding a way to interest the Brothers in something or some subject that they previously had little or no knowledge in can go along way. I may have jeopardized my election to WM by stating to the membership that I will expect some form of Masonic education to be presented to the Lodge at every regular Stated Communication, with exception only for degrees and the DDGM visit. I also expect my officers to take the lead on this and offer to dig in and do it.

4) Reinforcing Fellowship. I would like to have the tools like visual media and more casual nights once or twice a month at the Lodge for Members and sometimes members and their families. This reinforces the fellowship and the bong that we all share. The tough part is battling the 250+ TV channels, Sat Radio, X-Box, Wii and Netflix is going to be like David slaying Goliath. So I am hoping to have that TV in the pyramid Suite installed and working soon. I belive if we can raise enough to have a fellowship night to cover the expenses of opening the lodge an lights,heat/cooling as necessary we can have an exciting time, just gathering as Brothers to watch a ball game, maybe a movie. Bring in a video game console and have a Lodge Wii bowling tournament, etc. would be fantastic. the ideas are limitless if you think about it.

5) Strengthening the Family. More family events and get the spouses, significant others and children involved. Communal meals can only go so far. I have seen the members bring their families and they all keep to their own tables. Large communal tables so everyone sits with everyone else is the way to go here. Not al the time, but here and then. Once the members families can be a part of the Lodge family, closer and more interactive; this will lead to better and more well attended events. These family members will anticipate coming to the Lodge to laugh and chat with friends and not just wave from across the room at each other. It’s important that all feel welcome.


Br. Bill



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