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What’s in your reading stack?

Recently on an on-line forum I often browse, the question was asked, what’s in your reading stack? Now since this forum is primarily a Masonic research forum, its goes without saying that there were many responses to this topic from many brothers around the world.  As I thought more about this I couldn’t help but wonder how many local lodge members actually read Masonic works.

Now some would ask “who has the time to read anything, much less read Masonic texts”? Well I would ask any brother, “how can you not”? If you are serious about Freemasonry and want to be better Masons it is not optional really. I would not expect every brother to read every book about Masonry there is, but there should be some amount of reading about the Craft required from every brother. I guess some would call it lodge education. What ever the name it needs serious attention.  In this age of fast paced, get the info in 2.5 seconds or you’ve lost your audience, it would do every Freemason good just to sit and read one Masonic book a year. Even if you just read here and there or for 1 hour a night or even once per week. What is missing from this world and from Freemasonry is that few take the time to stop and look around.

I am all for the fellowship and camaraderie before or after communications and on special occasions. I just believe it should be more than that. All newly raised brothers need to be mentored not just in memorizing the catechisms but in the rich history and what Masonry has meant to brethren over the centuries. Freemasonry has an old and wonderfully colorful history associated with it. I for one really enjoy learning about it and will continue. I would urge each lodge to begin a formal lodge education committee and even if its just a few of the brethren getting together at the lodge or at another brother’s house to discuss Masonry. That’s all it really needs to be. As things progress, a more formal setting could be adopted and as interest grows so will understanding of the Craft as well as brotherhood. This is especially important to new brothers as I feel that they would benefit the most.

many brethren I have spoken too agree, at least to some degree, with what I am saying now. Will all agree? Most likely not as we are all individuals and we all have opinions. I guess the bottom line is that I think that I have found that there are Masonic  secrets and I would like to find as many as I can before I leave this world. Those secrets are for each Freemason to find and store in his heart. Freemasonry means something different to each brother but it is a common bond of friendship and brotherly love that makes it so special.

There is so much information out there that one could spend a lifetime studying it. But that’s the point is it not? The search for more light. No one person has all the answers a new brother would require. It takes all his brethren to guide him through all that Freemasonry has to offer.


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